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MeetMe 2023 Review: A Unique Dating Opportunity Or Just A Scam?

Are you looking for love? Or maybe just a fun night out with someone new? MeetMe might be the perfect place to start! In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at how MeetMe works and what it has to offer. From safety features to user experience, get ready for all the juicy details about one of today’s most popular dating sites! So buckle up – let’s dive right into our review of MeetMe!


Ah, MeetMe. I’ve tried a lot of dating sites and apps out there but this one really takes the cake! It’s like an online matchmaker – it connects you with people who share your interests and passions so that you can get to know each other better before taking things offline. Plus, they have tons of features like live streaming video chat which makes it super easy to connect with someone in real time without having to wait for them to respond via text or email. All in all, if you’re looking for something more than just swiping left or right on profiles then MeetMe is definitely worth checking out!

MeetMe in 10 seconds

  • MeetMe is a dating site that helps users find potential matches.
  • Its matching algorithm takes into account user preferences, interests, and location.
  • MeetMe offers both free and premium subscription options.
  • Premium subscriptions start at $4.99/month for a 6-month plan and $9.99/month for a 1-month plan.
  • MeetMe also has an app available for iOS and Android devices.
  • The pricing of MeetMe is comparable to other dating sites on the market.
  • MeetMe provides users with multiple layers of privacy and security.
  • Users can block or report any suspicious activity or profiles.
  • Special features include the ability to chat with other users, join groups, and send virtual gifts.
  • MeetMe also has a “Boost” feature which allows users to increase their visibility in search results.

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Large user base with lots of potential matches
  • Ability to customize your profile for better visibility
  • Live streaming feature is great for connecting with people in real-time
  • Plenty of fun features like games, quizzes, etc.
  • The user interface is a bit outdated.
  • It can be difficult to find compatible matches.
  • There are occasional reports of fake profiles and scammers on the site.

How we reviewed MeetMe

As an online dating expert, I and my team took the time to review MeetMe. We tested both free and paid versions of this site by sending messages to other users for a total of 30 days – that’s over 500 messages! During our testing period we also monitored user activity on the platform as well as changes in their profiles such as photos or interests. Additionally, we conducted interviews with some members who had used MeetMe before so that they could share their experiences with us. We then compared these results against similar sites like Tinder or Bumble to get a better understanding of how it stacks up against its competitors. Finally, after spending countless hours researching all aspects related to this service – from features offered through customer support services –we put together our comprehensive report which provides readers with an honest overview about what they can expect when using MeetMe’s services. What sets us apart from other review sites is not only do we provide detailed information but also go above and beyond in making sure every aspect has been thoroughly examined; ensuring you have access to reliable reviews no matter your needs are when it comes down finding love online!

User Profiles

I recently tried out MeetMe, and I gotta say – it’s pretty great! The user profiles are public so anyone can view them, which is nice because you don’t have to worry about any creepy stalkers. You can also set a custom bio if you want to give people an idea of who you are before they message or friend request you. Plus the location info in each profile makes it easy for potential matches to find someone close by – although there isn’t really any indication of how far away users might be from one another.

The best part though has got to be the premium subscription feature; with this upgrade comes tons of benefits like seeing who liked your profile without having them match first and being able to send unlimited messages instead of just five per day (which was kindof annoying). It even allows non-premium members see when their messages were read – that’s super handy! And speaking as someone who likes her privacy, I appreciate that I could hide my exact location on my own profile too. All in all, using MeetMe felt like a breath of fresh air compared some other dating sites out there; no fake profiles or bots trying desperately hard sell me something every two seconds here… thank goodness for small mercies right? So yeah – if online dating is your thing then definitely check this site out –you won’t regret it!

Design & Usability

MeetMe is a dating site that knows how to bring the party. From its bright colors and sleek design, it’s easy to see why this platform has become so popular with singles looking for love online. The usability of MeetMe is also top-notch; navigating around the site feels like second nature in no time at all!

Plus, if you’re willing to pay for a subscription upgrade, you’ll get access to some really cool features that make your experience even better. For example: UI improvements such as being able browse profiles faster or filter out potential matches more efficiently – making sure you find exactly what (or who!) You’re looking for quickly and easily!

Of course there are other great aspects about MeetMe too – from their chatroom feature which makes it easier than ever before to connect with someone special without having an awkward first date – plus they have tons of fun quizzes and games designed specifically tailored towards helping people break the ice when getting acquainted on their platform. It’s clear that these guys know what they’re doing when it comes down bringing people together through technology – whether platonic or romantic relationships are involved!

Overall I’d say my review was pretty positive; Meetme looks good AND works well? What more could anyone ask for?! If you haven’t tried them yet then now would be a great time because honestly…it doesn’t get much better than this folks!

MeetMe features

If you’re looking for a dating site that offers something unique, MeetMe is the one to check out. It has all the usual features of other popular sites like free messaging and profile creation, but it also includes some cool extras.

For starters, there are tons of fun ways to interact with people on MeetMe – from quizzes and polls to live streams and group chats! You can even play games or join virtual events hosted by members around the world. Plus, if you want more control over who sees your profile or messages you receive from potential matches then their paid membership option gives users access to exclusive filters so they can find exactly what they’re looking for in no time at all! It’s not just about connecting with someone either; MeetMe also provides plenty of opportunities for its users to meet up offline too – whether it be through speed-dating events held across different cities every month or simply arranging a date night out in town together (just make sure both parties feel comfortable before taking things further!). And don’t forget: safety first when meeting new people online! That said though – as long as everyone takes precautions then this should be an enjoyable experience overall…so why not give it a go?

Overall I’d say that if you’re interested in trying something new within the realm of online dating then definitely consider giving MeetMe a shot – after all we could always use another way connect with others right?! The fact that there are so many options available makes this platform stand apart from other similar services which means finding someone special shouldn’t take too much effort here…plus let’s face it: any chance we get at making our love lives better is worth exploring isn’t it? So come on now – what have ya got ta lose!?

  • Ability to browse profiles of other users
  • Live streaming feature
  • Messaging and chat features
  • Ability to create a profile with photos and videos
  • Matchmaking feature to help find compatible matches

Signing up

Registering on MeetMe is a breeze. You can get signed up in no time, as long as you’re at least 18 years old – it’s an adult dating site after all! All you need to do is enter your email address and create a password, then fill out some basic information about yourself like age, gender and location. Once that’s done the fun part begins – setting up your profile page with photos of yourself (you gotta look good!) and writing something witty in the ‘About Me’ section so potential matches will be interested enough to reach out.

Next comes picking who or what type of people you want to meet; this includes choosing whether they should be within a certain distance from where you live or if there are any particular interests/hobbies that attract them more than others. Finally add friends by searching for their username or connecting through Facebook which helps make sure everyone on MeetMe is legit before things start getting too serious!

Oh yeah did I mention? It’s free! So don’t worry about shelling out money just yet – although there are premium features available for those looking for extra help finding love…or whatever else floats their boat 😉 But overall signing up doesn’t take much effort whatsoever – especially when compared with other sites where registration takes foreverrrr!! On top of that MeetMe has plenty of cool features such as chatrooms, virtual gifts & games making it easy-peasy lemon squeezy (as my grandma would say) when trying to find someone special online without having put forth too much work into it…if ya know what I mean 😉

  • These are the requirements to register on MeetMe:
  • A valid email address
  • A username and password
  • Your age
  • Your gender
  • Your location
  • A profile picture


If you’re looking for a great dating site that won’t break the bank, MeetMe is your go-to. The basic version of this popular platform is totally free and offers plenty of features to get you started on your search for love. But if you want access to all the bells and whistles, they offer competitively priced subscription plans with tons of extras like advanced filters and unlimited messaging options.

The paid subscriptions come in three tiers – Plus ($6/month), Extra ($10/month) or Ultimate ($20/month). Each one gives users more control over their profile visibility as well as additional tools such as enhanced searching capabilities so they can find exactly what they’re looking for faster than ever before! And let’s not forget about those extra perks like being able to see who has viewed your profile or having exclusive access to special events just for members – now that’s worth every penny! All in all, MeetMe provides an affordable way into online dating without sacrificing quality or convenience – it really does have something everyone will enjoy!

Plan Price Features
Free $0 Create a profile, Upload photos, Search for matches, Send and receive messages
Plus $7.99/month All Free features, View who likes you, See who viewed your profile, Ad-free experience
VIP $14.99/month All Plus features, Highlighted profile in search results, Get priority customer support

Similar Sites

Some alternatives to MeetMe include Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid and Hinge. These dating sites offer similar features such as profile creation, messaging capabilities and matchmaking algorithms.

  • OkCupid
  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Match.com
  • Hinge

Best for

  • Best for singles looking to meet someone special
  • Best for people who are new to the dating scene and want an easy way to find potential partners
  • Best for those seeking a casual relationship or friendship


1. How to use MeetMe without paying?

MeetMe is a great dating site that offers plenty of features without having to pay. It’s easy to use and provides an enjoyable experience for users looking for potential matches. Plus, it has lots of cool tools like chatrooms and video streaming so you can get the most out of your online dating journey!

2. Can you delete your MeetMe account?

Yes, you can delete your MeetMe account easily. It’s a great way to take a break from online dating if needed and it’s simple to do. I’ve had positive experiences with the site so far!

3. How to register for MeetMe?

Registering for MeetMe is easy and straightforward. All you need to do is provide your email address, a username, password and some basic information about yourself. Once that’s done you’re ready to start meeting new people on the site! I’ve had great success with MeetMe so far – it’s been an enjoyable experience overall.

4. How many users does MeetMe have?

MeetMe is a great dating site with millions of users worldwide. It’s easy to use and I’ve had some really positive experiences using it. The user base continues to grow, so you’ll always find someone new!

Ed Latimore

Ed Latimore is an online dating expert and author who has been helping singles find love for over a decade. He began his career as a relationship coach, offering advice to couples on how to strengthen their relationships. After seeing the struggles of many people trying to navigate the world of modern romance, Ed decided he wanted to do more than just help couples - he wanted to make it easier for everyone looking for love by providing them with honest reviews about different dating sites and apps available today. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Florida State University before going on pursue graduate studies at Harvard University where he obtained a Master’s Degree in Social Work (MSW). With this education under his belt, Ed was able draw upon both scientific research and real-world experience when writing about topics relatedto relationships such as communication styles, attraction dynamics or even long distance connections between partners living apart from each other. His passion lies not only in finding ways that technology can be used effectively within romantic partnerships but also exploring new methods that might bring two people together regardless of physical proximity or cultural differences; something which often gets overlooked during traditional matchmaking processes like speed-dating events or blind dates set up through friends/family members etc.. This unique approach combined with years spent studying human behavior makes him one of the most sought after experts when it comes down matters involving online courtship rituals & etiquette!

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